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The Art Of Joseph Loughborough

Fascinated with the human body and its sensual curves, British artist Joseph Loughborough depicts in his works the dark side of human nature, imbued with sin, desire, fear and anxiety. His series of charcoal and graphite etchings, draws the viewer into a dark, contemplative mood, where the distorted faces reveal themselves through their own reconstruction.

Growing up on the south coast of England, in Portsmouth, the artist spent his childhood playing in derelict boatyards and creeks, the site of corroding metal making him see the world in a similar form, marked by erosion and decomposition.

Although often seen as dark and morbid, Joseph doesn’t look at his art in this way. He sees it more as “revealing, honest and expressive,  like a personal exorcism through which I try to express, rather than deny, the emotions I encounter. Through my drawing, I strive to grasp a comprehension of the human condition and question how we interpret our oft-untold fears and desires.”

(all images courtesy of Joseph Loughborough)

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