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The Art Of Tiffany Bozic

Self-taught artist Tiffany Bozic has spent most of her life in the middle of the nature, studying and observing wildlife in its beauty and struggle. Her paintings are created on maple panels of wood, using a complex technique the artist developed throughout the years, by masking and staining so the natural grain can collaborate with each composition using multiple layers of watered down acrylic paint.

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Her large-scale paintings have been featured in several solo exhibitions, and included in numerous group shows across the country, and spoken at international events.

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She was also the first ‘Artist in Residency’ whereby she collaborated with the California Academy of Sciences, to create the “From the Depths” exhibit on the public floor of the museum, November 2007. The artist is currently living in Marin, CA, creating her beautiful art in a cottage under the redwood trees.

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(all images via Tiffany Bozic)

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