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Tytus Brzozowski – Watercolor Paintings

Tytus Brzozowski is an architect and watercolorist from Poland. A great admirer of his hometown, Warsaw, the artist captures in his paintings the essence of the modern city, in it’s constant turmoil and change. Using surrealistic elements and tricks with perspective and light, the artist gives his paintings a sense of magic and mystery.

Both, in architecture and painting, the artist cares about texture, mood and light.

 I feel the same excitement while designing space to be useful and interesting for its users as while creating scenes in my watercolors. I’m a passionate of the city, it’s bustle and mood.

An important part of his artistic education was traveling, where he learned about the basics of nature, such as light and and shadow, reflections, colors, perspective. He also moved for two years in Finland, for his architectural practice, where the harsh climate, light, simple and clear architecture, modest and friendly people, have polished the artist he is today.

For more info about the artist and his works, visit his Facebook page.

(images courtesy of Tytus Brzozowski)


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