Iliamna Volcano, Alaska - Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

20 Amazing Snow Photos

Because it’s winter, and because in winter it’s all about the snow, here are a few outstanding photos of winter landscapes from all around the world. Enjoy! (via National Geographic)

South Haven, Michigan - Photograph by Charlie Anderson

Winter Scene, London - Photograph by Gordon Esle

Blue Pond, Hokkaido - Photograph by Kent Shiraishi

Iliamna Volcano, Alaska - Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

Red Squirrel, Poland - Photograph by Dorota Walczak

Lynx - Photograph by Roberto Cristaudo

Reindeer, Scandinavia - Photograph by Erika Larsen

Polar Bear and Cub, Svalbard - Photograph by Philip Dien

Ice Surfer, Lake Michigan - Photograph by Mike Killion

Stratus Clouds, Greenland - Photograph by Bryan and Cherry Alexander, Arctic Photo

Alberta, Canada - Photograph by Dwayne Holmwood

Ice Canyon, Greenland - Photograph by James Balog

Arctic Fox - Photograph by Stephen Oachs

Polar Bears Playing - Photograph by Sandra Donlon

Beech Forest, Germany - Photograph by Martin Hertel

Grevy’s Zebra, Ohio - Photograph by Matt Eich

Steller’s Sea-Eagle - Photograph by Brian Skerry, National Geographic

Tjøme, Norway - Photograph by Audun Wigen

Timber Wolves - Photograph by Jacqueline Crivello

Candle Spruces at Night, Finland - Photograph by Peter Essick


12 Responses to “20 Amazing Snow Photos”

  1. Harris

    it says “20 amazing snow pictures”, but many are focused not on snow, but on animals that happen to be in the snow.  Some of the other pictures are of ice, which is also frozen water, but has less air in it and tends to hold a more solid shape, creating the effects that were the focus of those pictures.  Several others are photos of trees, that happen to be covered in snow, in fact I saw no pictures that I would qualify as “amazing snow pictures” because no of them contained solely snow.  A more accurate title would be “9 pictures of animals in the snow, 4 pictures of trees covered in snow, 2 pictures of ice frozen in strange ways, and 5 other miscellaneous pictures” or “20 pictures of things that happened to be in a snowy and/or cold setting”

    • Raisa

      You must be a very sad sad person. Why not just enjoy the view? Plus, pictures only with snow would be really dull. Relax a lil bit more, dude!

    • Laura

      Ya, I agree. I’d have called it “Snowy Pictures” or something.
      Language mechanics are lovely.

  2. Sysiphus

    The word “amazing” is overused and indicates a lazy, valley-girl-esque mentality.  Please boycott use of the word, or anything titled “amazing”–this contagion must be stopped!


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