Volcano, Tanzania - Photograph by Olivier Grunewald

Best Wallpapers of 2011 from National Geographic

Here are some stunning photos from all over the world, showcased by National Geographic in a retrospection of the year that passed. Enjoy Mother’s Nature works of art!

Matterhorn - Photograph by Verena Popp-Hackner, Wild Wonders of Europe

Hang En Cave, Vietnam - Photograph by Carsten Peter, National Geographic

Frog and Crocodile, South Africa - Photograph by Jonathan Blair, National Geographic

Lightning, Dubai - Photograph by Maxim Shatrov, My Shot

Autumn Landscape, Adirondacks - Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

Cave Diving, Yucatan Peninsula - Photograph by Christian Vizl

Cotton Grass, Iceland - Photograph by Jennifer Jesse

Volcano, Tanzania - Photograph by Olivier Grunewald

Inishowen, Ireland - Photograph by Dave Johnston, Your Shot

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park - Photograph by Jean Slavin, My Shot

(via National Geographic)


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