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Frieke Janssens – Smoking Kids

With her series “Smoking Kids”, Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens focuses on the issue of smoking, drawing the viewers attention on the  aesthetics of smoke and the particular way smokers gesticulate with their hands and posture.

“Coincidentally around the time of the “Smoking Kids” gallery opening, a law was passed, and smoking has been banned from Belgian bars. There was an outcry from the public about government intervention, feelings that freedom was being oppressed, and that adults were being treated like children. ”


In the shooting of this series,  there were no real cigarettes on set. Instead, chalk and sticks of cheese were the prop stand ins, while candles and incense provided the wisps of smoke.

(All images via Frieke Janssens)

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  1. Andrea B.

    Frieke Janssens is woman! Please correct the mistake in your article.


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