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Jill Sutherland – Beautiful Female Photography

Los Angeles-based photographer Jill Sutherland has a knack for capturing beauty. This Long Beach-born, New Mexico-grown nine years-and-counting resident of Southern California discovered her passion for female portraits on a meandering afternoon of shooting the breeze with a friend. She had just traded in her cheap point and shoot for a sexy Sony A700; the revelation came as a sure sign that ‘Busy Fingers’ (a childhood moniker inspired by her love of button-pushing) was pointing her new camera in the right direction.

Whether shooting a housewife, doctor or dancer, Jill coaxes her subjects on intuitive expeditions beyond walls and vanity shots, and even the occasional barn door. She likes to position her lens at fleeting cracks in a façade to catch the light that gets in. She follows her subjects through these openings to illuminate their raw power or fierce beauty, offering up an intimate mirror so they themselves can see—and be delighted by—the light that shines within. Jill’s stunning artistic portraits celebrate the vulnerable, playful or fearless self, caught at a magical moment in time.

Besides the beauty around her, Jill also finds inspiration in music and a thriving community of artistic friends boldly pursuing their callings. A big believer in counting her blessings, she strives to live a kind and giving life where “love is ignited and everyone is invited.”

 (All images via Jill Sutherland)

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