Nicolas Bouvier: Birds Photography

Nicolas Bouvier was born at Grand-Lancy near Geneva, the youngest of three children. He grew up in “a Huguenot milieu, rigorous and enlightened at the same time, intellectually very open, but where the entire emotional aspect of existence was strictly monitored.”

He passed his childhood in a house where, in his words, “the paper-cutter counted for more than the bread-knife”, a double reference to his librarian father (“one of the most amiable beings I should ever have met”) and his mother, “the most mediocre cook west of Suez”.

From 1946, various escapades (Bourgogne, Tuscany, Provence, Flanders, the Sahara, Lapland, Anatolia) got him started on the path of the voyager.

We give you his collection of  birds photography. Enjoy!

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