Rafa Zubiria 3

Rafa Zubiria – No Way Home

Rafa Zubiria is a surprising and versatile photographer, whos disturbing photos defy with dreamlike surrealism the politically correct positions. In his works we discover a formally sophisticated artist that confronts us with beautiful, evocative and sensual images.

His career starts with numerous awards as he begins his work with publications dedicated to new trends in art. We can fins his work in various exhibitions both collective and individual, proving his immense imaginative capacity as artistic director of advertising campaigns.

To complete the photographic series entitled “No Way Home”, the artist and photographer has created a fascinating and surreal urban environment, where houses and buildings float in midair. Looking at them, the viewer can not help but identifying himself in these and imagine his own house flying away.

(All images via Rafa Zubiria)

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