Tim Hetherington signs up for the Guernsey Photography Festival

Press Release:

The Guernsey Photography Festival has announced that Tim Hetherington, an acclaimed international photojournalist, will be exhibiting as part of the festival’s main programme.

Hetherington’s work is primarily associated with documenting the war in Liberia, West Africa, where he spent much time between 2003 and 2007.

His photos bring an extraordinary range of characters to life: warlords and presidents, environmental activists and traditional hunters, political hustlers and democratic visionaries.

Festival director Jean-Christophe Godet said: ‘The festival is really gathering momentum with the addition of Tim to our programme. With Tim alongside our three other international exhibitors I think we have a superb line up that explores many different aspects of our theme.’

Committee member Anna-Lisa Detassis of PPF Partners said: “Bringing another big name photographer to Guernsey is a major boost for the festival. This is really making world class photography accessible in Guernsey by hosting these exhibitions and making sure they are free for all to attend.

The Guernsey Photography Festival, sponsored by Generali Worldwide and PPF Partners, runs from the 3rd to the 29th May and will feature exhibitions by Josef Koudelka, Simon Norfolk and Judah Passow, as well as Tim Hetherington.

For more information please visit the Guernsey Photography Festival website.

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