Nouveau Larousse Illustre, Vol 7 - cut encyclopedia, 1898

Alexander Korzer-Robinson – Book Sculpting

Alexander Korzer-Robinson is an UK-based artist, whose works make reading a whole new experience. He makes book sculptures, cutting around some of the illustrations and removing others. His base materials are antiquarian books, that have been stripped of their utilitarian value by the passing of time. The artist restores these books to their former glory, but in a new fashion, by leaving the newly cut images in the place where they would appear in the complete book. In the end, the book is sealed around the cut, and can no longer be opened, inviting the viewers to add meaning to the artwork by using their own imagination.

Habitat, cut encyclopaedia, 1931

Nouveau Larousse Illustre, Vol 7 - cut encyclopedia, 1898

Wild Sports of the World - cut childrens book, 1861

Family Book - cut medical book, ca. 1910

As we remember the books from our own past, certain fragments remain with us while others fade away over time – phrases and passages, mental images we created, the way the stories made us feel and the thoughts they inspired. In our memory we create a new narrative out of those fragments, sometimes moving far away from the original content. This is, in fact, the same way we remember our life – an ever changing narrative formed out of fragments. This mostly subconscious process of value judgements and coincidence is what interests me as an artist and as a psychologist.

Two Women - cut encyclopedia

Behind the World - cut encyclopedia

First Aid The Household Physician, vol. II, 1932

Hummingbirds of the Sea - cut encyclopedia

The Boy's Own Annual 1890 - cut children's book

(All images via Alexander Korzer-Robinson)

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