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Amazing Clay Works By Florence Rometsch

Basel based artist, Florence Rometsch started her “relationship” with clay in 1997, as she began working independently with this material. In 2001 she opened her workshop in Basel, where she creates these amazing pieces, from figurines and bowls, all the way to clothing and furniture, entirely by hand. Over the years, the artist had many exhibitions and, group and solo. In 2011, the artist won the Gold Coast International Ceramic Art Award in Australia.

rometsch 4 rometsch 3 rometsch 2 rometsch - Looma rometsch - Unterwasche Box rometsch - Zundholzschachteli rometsch rometsch - Hemden rometsch - Unterwasche Box, schwarz rometsch Schuhe Baba rometsch - mirja rometsch - clea rometsch - lara


(via Florence Rometsch)

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