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Intricate Floor Installations By Suzan Drummen

Dutch artist Suzan Drummen creates these painstaking floor installations, using mirrors, crystals, precious stones, and chromed metal. These fractal like artworks look clean and uncluttered from afar, but at a closer look, their intricate details are unveiled.

suzan drummen 3 suzan drummen 2 suzan drummen 1

Suzan is somewhat of an illustionist,  playing with space and using optical effects to render what the human eye cannot contain. Her installations are even more interesting, as they aren’t glued to the floor, but left loose during the exhibition, which shows the artist’s trust in the viewer.(via Colossal)

suzan drummen 4 suzan drummen 5 suzan drummen 6 suzan drummen 7 suzan drummen 8

(images via Suzan Drummen)

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