Untitled, 2010, Computer keyboard and collage on cardboard, 41x56,7cm

Maurice Mbikayi – Mixed Media Collages

Maurice Mbikayi was born in  the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1974. He attended the Academies des Beaux Arts and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design and visual communication in 2000, then decided to  expand his horizons and moved to South Africa in mid-2004. In 2010 he participated in the  Hollard Exchange Program facilitated by the Spier Arts Academy in Cape Town.

Untitled, 2010, Computer keyboard and collage on cardboard, 41x56,7cm

“Je t’aimerai plus tard” (I will love you later), 2010,ink, drawing and collage on paper, 42x59cm

 Maurice has participated in various group exhibitions as The AVA Gallery,The Centre for African Studies Gallery/UCT, The Alliance Francaise of SA, The National Museum of Swaziland, CCF/Maputo, Mozambique, The S.A.Iziko Slave Lodge, and the Harare International Festival of the Arts 2008 in Zimbabwe(HIFA 2008). Through his art, Maurice explores various aspects of visual art and public performance, implementing  group processes and workshops where he uses art as a tool of reestablishing socio-political boundaries.

“Untitled”, 2010, ink and collage on paper, 25x35cm

“Diseased by e-waste”, 2010 PC keyboard and usb cables on Paper, 65x50cm

My work is primarily related with Identity, History and technology seeking to interrogate socio-political boundaries. And as cultural activist I’m interested in identity, origin and space. How an individual can compromise, renegotiate space, and adapt to become reborn. I also investigate the effects of technology on identity and history, while unpacking the ways in which technology has had an impact on diverse African populations. As an artist, I draw on the numerous technological resources available for realizing some ideas more efficiently.

Anti Social Network I (white skull) 2010 25 x 15 x 35.00 cm Sculpture / Original Resin / Keyboard

“Untitled”, 2010, collage on carboard, 21x30cm

“Measuring the impact”, 2010, PC keyboard. tape measures and usb cable on paper, 30x35cm

(via Maurice Mbikayi, ARTISLA)

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