Nick Georgiou

Nick Georgiou – Creative Paper Sculptures

As we enter more and more into the digital era, the written word printed on paper is becoming an artifact of the 21st century. Arizona based artist,  Nick Georgiou, has found an unique way to pay homage to the printed word by creating portraits out of news papers.

His sculptures reflect the personal connection the artist feels when creating his works using local news papers. These days, he draws his inspiration  from America’s South West, and in particular Tucson, Arizona, where he has lived and worked for almost two years.

The transition from New York City to the dessert has lead the artist towards a new discovery of his inner-self. “Your concept of space expands when it’s not obstructed by buildings. You pay closer attention to nature because you’re always in it—and you do what you can to preserve it”, says Nick on his personal blog.

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