The Talbotics Of Tal Avitzur

Making art from junk seems to be a new artistic trend among aspiring artists, and the creativity of the new emerging art forms is limitless. Santa Barbara based artist, Tal Avitzur, creates these unique, whimsical robots from scraps of metal or any other parts that usually get in the dumpster. This “retro junk”, as he kindly puts it, consists in vintage vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, kitchen appliances, tools, lab equipment, and many things whose original use will always remain a mystery.

Once the parts are in his home studio, they are disassembled, cleaned, polished and then sorted. And from here, sky’s the limit in terms of creativity, inspiration pouring in from Tal’s youth filled with mythology, science-fiction or comic books.

Making these one-of-a-kind, whimsical, found-object sculptures has allowed me to indulge my passion for creating art, while giving new life to discarded objects, and perhaps preserving a bit of industrial history. I enjoy the excitement people show when they recognize parts that have been repurposed into their new incarnations.

Tal was raised in small town Pennsylvania. He earned his  Masters in math from UC Santa Barbara and worked for the US Navy in Washington, DC determining the best collection of spare parts carriers should keep stocked in order to maximize readiness of planes. He later returned to Santa Barbara and began teaching part-time, which left ample time for artistic pursuits.

For many more of these unique pieces, visit Tal’s gallery and website.

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