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Wooden Figurative Sculptures By Morgan Herrin

Virgina based sculptor Morgan Herrin hand-carves these outstanding mystical characters, godlike creatures that emerge from the combination of very distinctive forms and evolve into a human mutation. The sculptures are entirely hand-carved and they take hundred of hours to complete. The artist uses hand tools that have been almost completely phased out by modern machines, creating a link between past and present.

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I immerse myself in the subject matter of my work. Often, several very different forms combine to create one physical object. My process is ultimately a result of the combination of my fascination with figurative sculpture of the past and obsessive research into a subject. I reference the passage of time and its effect on art in terms of both physical change and change in viewer perception.

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In my most recent work titled ‘Otzi’, my subject is the 5,300 mummified remains of a man found frozen in the Otztal Alps in the 1990s. Rendering the form of the mummy in wood and intensely researching the subject became a way to connect personally with the life and death of this man. He was frozen in an unusual pose which was, when oriented upright, almost a dancing gesture and reminiscent of a crucifixion.

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