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the clockmakers 2

The Clockmakers (Les Horologers)

This hypnotizing animated short is the work of Montreal-based team Possible Metrics, a studio that creates music-centered short films and interactive projects. We take a plunge into a figurative-abstract world, where dozens of tiny acrobats leap through revolving
Fernando Hereñú (3)

The Art Of Fernando Hereñú

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1977, Fernando Hereñú, aka Pulpo is a latin american artist long recognized for his complex composition and surrealistic style. His dark style draws its inspiration from earlier generations of cartoon artists, 1970's comicbook
Strange Days Have Found Us

The Surreal Art Of Danny Van Ryswyk

Amsterdam based artist Danny van Ryswyk creates these dark and surreal artworks, where the traditional 19 century photography and computer manipulation are mixed together in an out-worldly sense of obscure absurdity.
Green Sqwear 1

Paper Donut – Anamorphic Graffiti

Paper Donut is a french collective founded in September 2009. Directed by Alexis Facca it’s results from work of many hands: Justine RICAUD, Fanette GUILLOUD, Benoît BRULBAULT have already given their time to the collective.

Sarolta Bán – Abstract Photography

Sarolta Bán - 27-year-old self-taught photographer from Budapest. Sarolta usually produces various manipulations with the works for several hours to several days, while using up to 100 different layers to one image.