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Mask Luba, Zaire, Wood

Sculpture Classics: African Art

We have focused on sculpture because african artists have a tendency to consider all art in 3 dimensions, even paintings are meant to be experienced three-dimensionally. Distinct from the static form of traditional Western sculpture African art displays animation, a readiness to move.
hungu_Nicolas Brault 4


The filmmaker combines 2D animation on a graphics tablet with the warmth of sand animation, thus uniting modernity and tradition, Brazil and Africa, music and memory. Sparse in design and humanist in its outlook, Hungu exudes the elegance and suggestive power of a

Tim Hetherington signs up for the Guernsey Photography Festival

The Guernsey Photography Festival has announced that Tim Hetherington, an acclaimed international photojournalist, will be exhibiting as part of the festival’s main programme. Hetherington’s work is primarily associated with documenting the war in Liberia, West