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regan rosburg - le jardin

Nature Inspired Multimedia Artworks By Regan Rosburg

As plastic junk becomes an increasingly important part of the natural landscape, Denver based artist Regan Rosburg draws awareness to this nature debilitating process with her mixed-media artworks. Using found objects like plastic bags, metal, and other
tamara phillips (1)

Nature Inspired Illustrations ByTamara Phillips

Canadian artist Tamara Phillips had us smitten with her nature inspired works. Having a degree in biology instilled this profound respect for the natural world and its preservation, and this shows in her artistic works, through the colors she uses, and technique.
lindsey carr 5

The Art Of Lindsey Carr

Abounding in details and colors, Lindsey Carr's artworks depict a fantastic variety of whimsical animals, that come to life in a surreal ambiance. Her works are mainly influenced by 18th Century European and Chinese art and tell the story of a world long forgotten,