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Karton Design (6)

Creative Cardboard Furniture By Karton Design

Never underestimate the power of cardboard. And it seems designer János Terbe had that in mind when establishing the Karton Design company. Located in Törökbálint, Hungary, the company creates these amazing pieces of furniture only from recycled paper, setting an example of green design and environmentaly friendly equipment for shops, offices, homes, and also exhibition stands.
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Scrap Cardboard Lamps by Graypants

Seattle based conceptual design studio, Graypants, created these incredible pendant lamps that are laser-cut from repurposed cardboard boxes and hand assembled. Founded in 2008 in Seattle, the company creates all sorts of products, architecture and other fun
Buenos Aires-based designer Georgina Pizzabiocche created this fun little seating from  corrugated cardboard taken from defective industrial waste boards. It's easily transported and assembled on-spot without the need or glue or other tools.

Cardboard Furniture

Ever thought of designing your interior with cardboard furniture? Well, designers have, and the result is just awesome. From simple decorative objects, to chairs, tables and bookshelves, this corrugated material can be transformed into lightweight yet sturdy pieces