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Media Production Center 1

Studio Gang Architecture – Media Production Center, Columbia College Chicago

The first new building built in the history of Columbia College, Media Production Center offers a discourse that is at the intersection between architecture, media and academic education, emphasizing, on one hand, the importance of media in contemporary society and on the other hand, the reputation of the college as one of the most professional education institutions.
Teatr ZAR at MCA

Teatr ZAR – “Gospels of Childhood. The Triptych” at MCA

Inspired by ancient sacred music from the Caucasus and based on texts from the little-known apocryphal gospels and a poem by Polish Romantic poet Juliusz Slowacki, Poland’s Teatr ZAR uses song, chanting, and movement in this ritualistic work of theater and music.
Michael Parkes - Surreal Paintings 12

Michael Parkes – Surreal Paintings and Drawings

Born in 1944, Michael Parkes studied graphic art and painting at the University of Kansas and then traveled for three years through Asia and Europe. The fantasy world of Parkes suppresses the earthly laws of reality, unbinding space and time in their quiescent
Jaume Plensa - Figurative Sculptures 1

Jaume Plensa – Figurative Sculptures

Jaume Plensa was born in Barcelona in 1955. In 1980 he had his first exhibition in Barcelona and until today he has lived and worked in Berlin, Brussels, England, France, USA. He regularly shows his art works at Galerie Lelong in Paris, Galerie Lelong, New York