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Miroir 4

Miroir, A Series Where Watercolors Meet Photography By Fabienne Rivory

Unusual and surreal, the latest series from Fabienne Rivory entitled “Miroir” explores the unique interaction between painting and photography, revealing the fine line that links reality and imagination. The photographs are from the artists personal collection, and the painting is made with gouache or inks, which are later combined in an digital environment, where textures, splatters and...
by Grant Ritchie

The World Of Danbo, Amazon’s Mascot

I'm sure you all heard about Danbo, the adorable box character that represents Amazon. But I bet you didn't know the busy life it has. And photographers all around the world are trying to keep up with it. Enjoy these creative photos!
cal lane 1

Cal Lane – Soft Hardware

If you've ever wondered how can one womanize a barrow and a spade... well, you have too much free time. Anyway, the answer is given by Cal Lane. The artist uses the contradiction to create these empathic scenery. Her works reunite opposite concepts like
Stacey Lee Webber 2

Stacey Lee Webber – Coin Sculptures

Stacey Lee Webber is a Philadelphia based artist who uses her crafting genius to create the most amazing objects, from lighters to jewelry, out of coins.