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A Matter Of Taste – Amazing Photographs By Fulvio Bonavia

Passion for fashion goes hand in hand with the love for food, or at least this is how award winning Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia sees things. Know for his creative and unique imagery, Bonavia crafted a collection of jewelry, accessories, handbags, and shoes
Fawn, 2009

Cubs By Oleg Dou

Moscow based photographer Oleg Dou gives a more modern interpretation to the practice of child funeral portraits. His whimsical series "Cubs" gathers a collection of child portraits, where the subjects are presented with animal features, like antlers, ears, or fur.
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A Closer Look Into Your Beautiful Eyes

Look deep into my eyes and tell me what you see! Don't bother, you won't see nothing near the beauty of these remarkable eye close-ups by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan. So go ahead, be amazed!
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Marie Wengler – Creative Digital Photography

Marie Wengler is a talented young digital artist and photographer, whose unmistakable approach to photography results in expressive portraits, depicting the modern individual and its existence in society today, "where technological change is increasingly affecting
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33 Stunning Examples Of Polar Panorama Photography

Did you ever get the feeling that your photos lack a certain "wow" effect? Well, Photoshop comes to the rescue and once again gives your plain and dull photographs, a most needed edge. Here are a few examples of how a simple effect, like the Polar Coordinates
Crafty umbrellas

Andrey Pavlov – Ant Tales

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov invites you to the whimsical world of ants. They are absolutely real, and the photographer captures them in spontaneous moments or following his instructions. The props used in the pictures are crafted by Andrey himself, from raw
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Vanessa Lewis – “Nina Say Cheese” Child Portraits

Nina Say Cheese is a collection of very creative child portraits by artist Vanessa Lewis, that captures the most spontaneous moments in a child's life, showing their delightful character. The portraits are taken against beautiful bespoke sets and the kids wear cute
Iliamna Volcano, Alaska - Photograph by Michael Melford, National Geographic

20 Amazing Snow Photos

Because it's winter, and because in winter it's all about the snow, here are a few outstanding photos of winter landscapes from all around the world. Enjoy!