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Watercolor Illustrations By Kareem Iliya

New York-based fashion designer and illustrator, Karrem Iliya, proves that fashion can be more than glitzy-glossy pictures in a high-class fashion magazin. Simple shapes, beautiful silhouettes, and pastel watercolor can be all you need when promoting an already
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The Fantastic World Of Yoko Furusho

Yoko Furusho is a Japanese artist and illustrator that lives in New York. Born in Tokyo, the artist moved to New York to study illustration at the School of Visual Arts, building her career as a professional illustrator/artist. In her illustrations, she draws
Fernando Vicente

Fernando Vicente – Vanitas

Born in Madrid, Fernando Vicente begins his career in the '80's, mixing illustration with painting. His unique style embodies bold and slightly aggressive visual concepts, giving him the freedom of playing with the composition. Experimentation is his motto,
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Elena Sofia Tinis – Fashion Illustrations

Romanian Illustrator Elena Sofia Tinis’s bold illustrative style is one to remember. Elongate everything is definitely her trademark and she finds inspiration in music, flowers or beautiful faces. The young illustrator is in New York to pursue her career as an