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Sale! Photography, Paint & Mixed media

Sequoia Emmanuelle – Creative Photography

With her unique style and creativity, LA based artist Sequoia Emmanuelle breaks the boundaries of conventional photography, adorning her photos with her passion for painting, wardrobe styling, film, graphic design and fashion.
Anthropologie 3

Anthropologie – Romanian Folk Inspired Collection

Every season we look for new trends on the runways of Milan, Paris or New York, but things are looking up for the Romanian fashionistas. Traditional clothing specific to a very beautiful region in Romania called Maramures, are highly sought after these days.
Aysha Remeithi - Fairytale Photosession for Fendi 4

Aysha Remeithi – Fairytale Photosession for Fendi

Even if Summer is at its end, we couldn't overlook this splendid photosession of Fendi spring/summer 2011 bags and accessories collection. The atmosphere feels a lot like Alice in Wonderland, with an ultra fashionable touch. The author of these awesome photos is
Peter Lippmann - Christian Louboutin, Fall 2011 Lookbook 1

Peter Lippmann – Christian Louboutin, Fall 2011 Lookbook

Les Promises De L’hiver, the Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook, contains seven images with portraits inspired by classic paintings. Photographed by Peter Lippmann and styled by Catherine Gorne each shot from this series pays homage to art masterpieces and
Zena Holloway Underwater Photograpghy 3

Zena Holloway – Underwater Photography

Zena Holloway was born in Bahrain in 1973 and raised in London. At 18 she traveled the globe working as a SCUBA instructor and developed a passion for underwater photography and film. Completely self-taught, Zena's images are striking, instinctive and driven by a