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99 Steps of Progress By Maentis

Maentis is a collective of artists from Paris specialized in graphic design, illustration and street art. Their main sources of inspiration are anthropology, environment but also imaginary and fantasy world.
Materials : aluminum, steel, fiberglass and foam.  Finishes : Brushed or polished aluminum  Dimensions : H 79 x W 43 x seat H 45 cm

Shiny Hammer – Creative Furniture For Your Home

Shiny Hammer is a French brand of creative handmade furniture, developed and produced by French designer Samuel Aguiar. Besides being functional, these unconventional objects are also extremely aesthetic, aiming to become a representation of a lifestyle, an
Pierre Bonnard 1889 Autoportrait

Pierre Bonnard – Painter

Pierre Bonnard (3 October 1867 – 23 January 1947) was a French painter and printmaker, as well as a founding member of Les Nabis, a group of Post-Impressionist avant-garde artists who set the pace for fine arts and graphic arts in France in the 1890's.
akama - tiji colour


Akama Studio is a post production service company. Its domain of expertise extends from 3D to Special Effects and digital animation, video packaging, concept design or more generally, art direction.
Axis Mundi - Cathedral Fold 2

Axis Mundi – Cathedral Fold

"Cathedral Fold", located in Strasbourg, France, is a place of worship designed by the New - York based architecture office Axis Mundi .

Minimiam Art By Pierre Javelle & Akiko Ida

Minimiam - a creative union of the Frenchman Pierre Javelle and Japanese Akiko Ida, who met in a Paris art school. Akiko childhood passion for gastronomy, and Pierre - comics and photography. Here is a series of papers in which food and foods provide habitat little men.

LUCIAN FREUD @ Centre Pompidou

Lucian Freud, today aged 88, stands among the most important living artists in the world and he hasn't been exhibited in France since the last retrospective exhibition presented by the Centre Pompidou in 1987