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McBride Charles Ryan

McBride Charles Ryan – Klein Bottle House

Located in the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, this weekend house is the mathematical concept of the Klein Bottle. The 'contents' of the 'bottle' are a rectilinear platform and walls which make the abstract geometry inhabitable.
eastern-design-office 1

Eastern Design Office – On The Corner

This seven rooms building is a beautiful work of architecture by Eastern Design Office. Located in the district of Youkaichi, Japan, the unique triangular structure of iron is recalling the famous Flatiron Building in New York.
buildingstudio 1

Buildingstudio – Alligator House

New Orleans architecture studio Building Studio has taken the challenge of Post-Katrina rehousing in New Orleans. When finished, Neighborhood Housing Services who promotes and markets low-cost properties will offer the house at a vastly reduced rate.
McBride Charles Ryan 3

McBride Charles Ryan – Letterbox House

Completed in 2009, this 3,121 square foot contemporary home, designed by Australian studio McBride Charles Ryan feels like a half space, half enclosed, half open. Neither in nor out – a new version of the good old Aussie veranda.
Barn home 3

Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates – Barn Home

This futuristic dwelling, located in Hamamatsu City, was designed by Japanese architecture firm Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates. This inspiring home design idea is perfect for living, working, or just escaping from the overwhelming complexity of this world.
Christopher Polly Architect 13

Christopher Polly Architect – Haines House

Located in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown, the Haines House was designed by the architects at Christopher Polly Architect and it stands out in the surrounding urban landscape, blurring the line between outdoor and indoor.
Roll It Experimental Housing 1

Roll it – Experimental Housing

Roll It, a cool experimental house, resulted from the collaboration among different institutes within the University of Karlsruhe. This cyclindrical design is a modular protype that provides flexible space within a minimum housing unit. Three different sections