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Karton Design (6)

Creative Cardboard Furniture By Karton Design

Never underestimate the power of cardboard. And it seems designer János Terbe had that in mind when establishing the Karton Design company. Located in Törökbálint, Hungary, the company creates these amazing pieces of furniture only from recycled paper, setting an example of green design and environmentaly friendly equipment for shops, offices, homes, and also exhibition stands.

Sarolta Bán – Abstract Photography

Sarolta Bán - 27-year-old self-taught photographer from Budapest. Sarolta usually produces various manipulations with the works for several hours to several days, while using up to 100 different layers to one image.
Hungary's Pavilion at The Shanghai World Expo 2010 - 23 Model

Hungary’s Pavilion at The Shanghai World Expo 2010

Hungary inveiled the design for their pavillion for next year’s Shanghai World Expo, designed by Tamás Lévai. Gömböc, as a hungarian invention, is the central element of the exhibition, a two meter high solid plexiglass moving object.