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The Art Of Aya Kato

Aya Kato is a 25 year old artist from Japan whose love for life and nature transcends into these whimsical art pieces. Inspired by the Manga culture, with a touch of Art Nouveau, Aya's works tell a story about love and passion in an uncanny, dark sort of way, making surreal look more real than ever before.

Mixed Media Illustrations By Mariana

Mariana is a graphic designer and independent illustrator from Portugal, currently living in Zürich, Switzerland. Her works are bursting with shapes and colors, featuring symmetrical intricate patterns and organic forms crossed with sharp geometrical elements,
Alice of Magic World 7

Fantastic Design Works Co – Alice of Magic World

Thanks to the vivid imagination of interior design group Fantastic Design Works Co, Alice of Magic World is more than just a restaurant, it's a playful world in which you can lose yourself in your own imagination for a few hours.

Zoe Lacchei – Breathtaking Illustrations

Zoe Lacchei is an Italian artist, well known for her eclectic art where she's mixing, in an unmistakable style, her passion for Japanese culture with the modern interpretation of the traditional techniques and materials.

Juri Ueda – Watercolor Fairies

Juri Ueda is a Japanese artist that, with his amazing watercolors, introduces us into an enchanted world where the water fairies and the earth fairies live together in harmony with nature.
eastern-design-office 1

Eastern Design Office – On The Corner

This seven rooms building is a beautiful work of architecture by Eastern Design Office. Located in the district of Youkaichi, Japan, the unique triangular structure of iron is recalling the famous Flatiron Building in New York.
Chopard - L.U.C. XP Urushi, Luxury Watches Collection 1

Chopard – L.U.C. XP Urushi, Luxury Watches Collection

Chopard, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, introduced its unique collection of luxury watches called XP Urushi. The creation of of these nine unique dials based on Urushi techniques was supervised by the Japanese artist Kiichiro Masumura. The varnish is made from the
Natsumi Hayashi - Levitating Girl 16

Natsumi Hayashi – Levitating Girl

Natsumi Hayashi is a Tokyo-based photographer who’s work consinsts in pictures of herself seemingly floating in midair within conventional settings in and around the Japanese city. To achieve the look of levitation it’s crucial that you don’t appear to be
Yayoi Kusama - Polka Dots Madness 7

Yayoi Kusama – Polka Dots Madness

Yayoi Kusama was born March 22, 1929 in Matsumoto is a Japanese artist whose paintings, collages, soft sculptures, performance art and environmental installations all share an obsession with repetition, pattern, and accumulation.