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Sale! Photography, Paint & Mixed media

Sequoia Emmanuelle – Creative Photography

With her unique style and creativity, LA based artist Sequoia Emmanuelle breaks the boundaries of conventional photography, adorning her photos with her passion for painting, wardrobe styling, film, graphic design and fashion.
Iron Woodkid 3

Woodkid – Iron

An awesome music video from Woodkid. The director and performer of this wonderful song is Yoann Lemoine. Enjoy!
Plan of the City 1

Joshua Frankel – Plan Of The City

Here's an animated film designed and directed by Joshua Frankel. Between photos and paintings, this video presents the architecture of New York city drifting away on a relocation to Mars through a musical journey.
McLuvin - Animal 3

Mc Luvin – Animal

Directed by Arthur King, here is Mc Luvin's new video "Animal". Colorful, cheerful and very well thought out, this video can translate the excitement and atmosphere of the duo that will release their album in September 2011.

Justice – Civilization

After using this song's title in the campaign "Adidas Is All in", here is the new exclusive clip of the group Justice directed by Edouard Salier(Caviar Paris).