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"Autumn Pond"  - Recycled paper packaging mosaic

Michael Sweere – Mosaic Art

Michael Sweere is a talented artist from Minneapolis, whose work consists in fine art mosaics, created with recycled materials like paper packaging items, tins, cans, glasses, coffee cups, dishes, plates, or any other type of material that can be cut into pieces
re-turned by beller 6

Lars Beller – Re-Turned

The concept behind the Re-Turned bird series is very simple: you take a leftover piece of wood, usually considered trash, and you turn it into a fantastic item of design. And because it's made from 100% recycled materials, it's the perfect gift for the
hillary coe 6

Hillary Coe – Can Love

Hillary Coe is an artist with a great passion for everything recyclable. And spray cans make it at the top of her list. Scatter around everywhere, these cause considerable damage to the environment, so the artist had the brilliant idea of turning them into
Humming Bird

Sean Avery – Animal Sculptures From Broken CDs

Australian artist Sean Avery has an unique way of expressing his sculptural talents. He creates these amazing sculptures using recycled materials like old CDs, computer hard drives, and so on, giving them a feel of organic and a distinctive sense of movement.