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The Talbotics Of Tal Avitzur

Making art from junk seems to be a new artistic trend among aspiring artists, and the creativity of the new emerging art forms is limitless. Santa Barbara based artist, Tal Avitzur, creates these unique, whimsical robots from scraps of metal or any other parts that usually get in the dumpster. This "retro junk", as he kindly puts it, consists in vintage vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, kitchen appliances,

Gordon Bennett – Robot Works

New York based artist Gordon Bennett gives a totally new meaning to the saying: "another man's trash is another man's treasure". With his talent and skills, Bennett turned a passion into a very successful source of income with his fantastic robot sculptures series.
Andrea Petrachi Himatic 17

Andrea Petrachi / Himatic – Robotic Sculptures

Andrea Petrachi a.k.a. Himatic creates his robotic sculptures from things most of people simply throw away. His work is based on the assembly of ordinary objects, broken electronics,recycled materials and old toys.

Robots Art – Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett makes his robot-like sculptures out of old found items, as well as from new materials. On the creation of a robot with Gordon takes an average of one a month. Each robot is created in a single copy and has its own unique number.