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Cristina Venedict - Photography 11

Cristina Venedict – Surreal Phtography

Cristina Venedict's photography is like a gateway to the deepest corners of imagination. The collages reveal surreal worlds reflecting profoundly personal moments from the artist's past. She puts "all her heart and soul" into this photos, as she says, and we can all agree to that. The technique and style of these pictures are one of a kind, from the square framing of the photos to the cromatic extremes (

Dan Perjovschi S.A. * @ Centre for Visual Introspection, Romania

Dan Perjovschi S.A. * constitutes a first chapter of a series of exhibitions-concept, generically grouped under the title 1990-2010, whose source of investigation is the art scene condition in Romania and the manner in which the art scene has (re) presented itself

Mircea Pinte Collection at the Museum of Art Cluj, Romania

The Museum of Art Cluj and Plan B Gallery are pleased to invite you on Friday, April 16, 2010, to the opening of the exhibition of the Mircea Pinte collection, presenting works by Marius Bercea, Mircea Cantor, Alexandra Croitoru, Adrian Ghenie, Cantemir Hausi,

Artist Talk: Doris Mayer (Austria)

Under the large context of the Austrian-Romanian exhibition called Idyll from Atelier 030202, initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum, curator Olivia Nitis invites the Austrian artist Doris Mayer to talk about her work.

BucharEST International Film Festival 2010

The 6th. edition of BucharEST International Film Festival will take place between 20th and 25th April 2010.BucharEST International Film Festival (B-EST IFF) is the first major feature film competition organized in Bucharest, starting with 2005.

Marius Pandele: White Noise

With a calmness that shatters the piano’s harmony, he ran his beeing through paint. His meticulous friend, the paintbrush, cut him a place in the setting while the notes were spasmodically beating. The perfect mimesis. Silence. But inside the sheltered interior