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Sayaka Ganz – Reclaimed Objects Sculptures

Indiana based artist, Sayaka Ganz has an obvious fascination for animals, creating magnificent sculptures that give the feel of motion, but when looked up close, you can really see the many individual objects used in creating them.
Horse with No Shadow

Makoto Tojiki – Light And Shadow Sculptures

Japan based artist and designer, Makoto Tojiki uses light as his primary medium for creating these truly unique light sculptures. The interplay of light and shadows is captured in the shape of these images, "as ephemeral and enigmatic as shadow itself".
Humming Bird

Sean Avery – Animal Sculptures From Broken CDs

Australian artist Sean Avery has an unique way of expressing his sculptural talents. He creates these amazing sculptures using recycled materials like old CDs, computer hard drives, and so on, giving them a feel of organic and a distinctive sense of movement.
Kang Duck-Bong 3

Kang Duck-Bong – Disguise

These incredible sculptures are the work of Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong and they are made out of PVC pipes, glued together and coated with urethane paint, giving an awesome aspect of movement.
Stephane Halleux 10

Stephane Halleux – Creative Sculptures

Stephane Halleux was born on July 6th in Chenée (Liège), Belgium. Ever since he was a baby, he was taken off to museums (most of the times against his will), where he was supposed to be awakened to art in all its forms.
Mia Pearlman - Breathtaking Cut Paper Installations 5

Mia Pearlman – Breathtaking Cut Paper Installations

Born in New York, currently residing in Brooklyn, artist Mia Pearlman creates breathtaking paper installations and ephemeral drawings that blur the line between actual, illusionistic and imagined space. Sculptural and often glowing with natural or artificial light,
Antony Gormley - Sculptures 13

Antony Gormley – Sculptures

Antony Gormley was born in London in 1950. In his career of nearly 40 years, Antony Gormley has made sculpture that explores the relation of the human body to space at large. By using his own existence as a test ground, Gormley's work transforms a site of
Yong Ho Ji - Tire Sculptures 2

Yong Ho Ji – Tire Sculptures

Korean artist's Yong Ho Ji art is all about recycling tires . He uses tire strips and synthetic resins to create these unique sculptures. His collection gathers sculptures and busts of usual animals and also hybrid animals and humans.