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Amazing Optical Illusions By Chema Madoz

All that separates reality from illusion is just a matter of perspective. Enjoy and be amazed of these brilliant black and white illusions, created by Spanish photograph Chema Madoz.
Sonya Kanelstrand (8)

Sonya Kanelstrand’s Surreal Photography

Sonya Kanelstrand is a Norwegian photographer whose art goes beyond what meets the eye, uncovering the inner beauty of the landscape, a realm of surreal bursting with creativity, where our mind and soul are free. She draws inspiration from the nature, with all its
Fernando Hereñú (3)

The Art Of Fernando Hereñú

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1977, Fernando Hereñú, aka Pulpo is a latin american artist long recognized for his complex composition and surrealistic style. His dark style draws its inspiration from earlier generations of cartoon artists, 1970's comicbook
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The Art Of Lindsey Carr

Abounding in details and colors, Lindsey Carr's artworks depict a fantastic variety of whimsical animals, that come to life in a surreal ambiance. Her works are mainly influenced by 18th Century European and Chinese art and tell the story of a world long forgotten,
All there is

The Magical Photographs of Bhumika Bhatia

Bhumika Bhatia is a 22 year old self-taught Contemporary Portrait and Editorial photographer from India. She always had visions that she was here for a purpose. Always dreamt of a world where everything was extraordinary, with a hint of fantasy and romanticism,

Sachin Teng – Surreal Illustrations

Sachin Teng is an artist living and working in New York City. He attended Pratt Institute for BFA in Communication Design with a focus in Illustration. For him art is everything, "the original subliminal message" that influences every aspect of ones life. I
Nataly Abramovich 11

Nataly Abramovich – Illustrations from Kukula Land

Nataly Abramovich, aka Kukula, was born in an isolated village near Tel Aviv. She grew up with Holocaust survivors, which is why her childhood imagination was a mix of fantasy worlds with princesses and horror stories of World War II.
Jung Yeon Min 13

Jung Yeon Min – Psychedelic Art

Jung Yeon Min is a Korean artist, born in 1979, in Kwangju, South Korea. In her surrealist works, the artist breaks the boundaries of imagination, transporting the viewer into the world of extraordinary, where the macro and micro coexist and rules of physical space