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Michael Parkes - Surreal Paintings 12

Michael Parkes – Surreal Paintings and Drawings

Born in 1944, Michael Parkes studied graphic art and painting at the University of Kansas and then traveled for three years through Asia and Europe. The fantasy world of Parkes suppresses the earthly laws of reality, unbinding space and time in their quiescent relationship. It is the dream world behind our dreams, more free and more fascinating than ever imagined.
Blue A - Contingency

Albulena Panduri – Surreal Digital Art

Albulena Panduri (aka Blue-A) is the creator of an unbelievable world, surreal and full of color. Her photos enhance the environment that surrounds the main character, emphasizing how small and insignificant this is in this world it lives in. The artist thinks that
Jamie Baldridge - Surreal Works 2

Jamie Baldridge – Surreal Works

Jamie Baldridge was born in 1975 in southern US. His childhood was a boring one, as the artist itself declares. He studyied Theology and Creative Writing at Louisiana State University, but somehow he got his BFA in Photography. His works envision dark an gloomy

Mehmet Ozgur – Surreal Smoke Shots

Born in Europe, Mehmet Ozgur studied in Asia and currently resides in North America. He isn’t a photographer by trade. An engineer by trade, his fascination with nature both technically and aesthetically drew him to his passion. It is this passion that has
Cristina Venedict - Photography 11

Cristina Venedict – Surreal Phtography

Cristina Venedict's photography is like a gateway to the deepest corners of imagination. The collages reveal surreal worlds reflecting profoundly personal moments from the artist's past. She puts "all her heart and soul" into this photos, as she says, and we can
Jeannette Woitzik 0

Jeannette Woitzik: Surreal artworks

These fabulously positive artworks are created by German artist Jeannette Woitzik. Dreamy, romantic, kind, mystical... however you may call them, they give a good mood and force you to believe in magic.