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Yousif - Manama, Bahrain, 2012

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Identity

More than 15 years ago, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada started making urban art in New York. The Cuban-born artist is renown for his gigantic scale charcoal drawings of anonymous people. RG's works are more than just huge drawings on a building; they represent a social
Aakash Nihalani 4

Geometric Street Art By Aakash Nihalani

Brooklyn-based artist Aakash Nihalani embellishes the urban landscape with his fluorescent geometric shapes that float in midair and cut through buildings, skewing the perspective and disorienting the viewer.

Low Bros – Geometric Urban Art

The Urban Art team Low Bros consists of two brothers, Qbrk and Nerd, born in Hamburg, northern Germany. Their art is a mix of urban style and natural landscape, both inspired by the boys' background. They developed their own own personal and unique style, filled