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Scott Partridge wintersolstice

Scott Partridge – Painter

My genre can be most closely compared to early 20th century surrealism, in that the landscapes and inhabitants of consciousness figure prominently as themes and also as guiding forces that shape my style. Unlike the surrealists, I avoid Freudian ideology for the
Sayaka Ganz - Whirl13s

Sayaka Ganz

My working process is reminiscent of my experiences growing up in several different countries, of being disconnected from the place I was born. Then, I began searching for a new community where I truly belong. I find discarded objects from peoples’ houses and
Cara Barer - yb

Cara Barer – Photographer

Cara Barer studied Art and Photography at the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and at the Art Institute of Houston. Her photography, centered around damp/water-damaged books, has appeared in shows from New York to California, and

Jason John – Painter

My interest as an artist is related to how people look back into his or her past to retrieve memories of certain situations. Depending on the situation the individual has experienced can drastically alter the shape of a person’s memory and furthermore, a

Ryan Mrozowski

Ryan Mrozowski gathers seemingly unrelated imagery to propose all kinds of strange scenarios. In his paintings we see that mysterious events are happening, that something is happening, but we don’t quite know what and we cannot / have no means to explain it.
Danielle Huey Kimzey 22

Danielle Huey Kimzey

The conscious exercise of remembering and forgetting is a vehicle for the generation of imagery in my paintings. I am fascinated with how a specific sense of place and time can form our personal history and identity, and yet when we are isolated from this context,
Scott Musgrove - TheRestingPlace

Scott Musgrove – Painter and Sculptor

Scott Musgrove unearths previously undiscovered animals through a dedicated and scientifically un-approved practice of zoological impressionism. A lonestar in the field, he ventures where the gray-maned, khaki-clad, anthropologists with ivory walking sticks have
© Kasey McMahon

Kasey McMahon – Conceptual and Multimedia Artist

Kasey McMahon is a conceptual and multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her work is driven by her own curiosity regarding our distinctly individual interactions with technology, the world and each other.