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Howard Schatz 14

Howard Schatz – Underwater

The artist Howard Schatz has imagined a series of photographs called "Underwater". With very poetic cliches and giving a sense of suspended time, the images are immortalized in an aquatic environment. Enjoy these amazing photographs!
Aqueous Fluoreau

Mark Mawson – Aqueous Fluoreau

Mark Mawson is a London and Sydney based photograph, famous for his numerous photo-shootings for advertising agencies & magazines. Here we show you an amazing series of fourteen underwater ink photographs entitled Aqueous Fluoreau. Enjoy!
Bubble in the Hat

Heinz Maier – High Speed Water Droplets

These are some pretty impressive high speed photo shots of liquids and bubbles taken by German photographer Heinz Maier. The colors, the lightning, the symmetry or asymmetry in the water reflection make these delicate high speed water droplets seem surreal, a true
fearless - Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey – Water Paintings

Sarah Harvey is an artist living in London. In her paintings she reproduces the movements and color of water and the result is amazing.
Dancing water pavilion 10

SUS&HI: Dancing Water Pavilion

The project called Dancing Water Pavilion designed by SUS&HI office had won the bronze prize at the Seoul Design Olympiad for its innovative and futuristic geometry and interaction with panorama of Seoul.