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The Art Of Tiffany Bozic

Self-taught artist Tiffany Bozic has spent most of her life in the middle of the nature, studying and observing wildlife in its beauty and struggle. Her paintings are created on maple panels of wood, using a complex technique the artist developed throughout the years, by masking and staining so the natural grain can collaborate with each...

Feathers by Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard is an American artist and biologist whose slight obsession with feathers turns into amazing works of art. His creations honor both the feather's natural forms and the birds they came from.
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Tim Flach – More Than Human

With his new series entitled "More Than Human", London-based photographer and wildlife enthusiast, Tim Flach, gives a more human meaning to the word "wild". He captures the animals in a very unique way, giving them a very human like expression. Enjoy this
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Winners Of The 2012 Sony World Photography Awards

This years winner of the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year is American photographer Mitch Dobrowner. He was presented with the coveted L'Iris d'Or during the Sony World Photography Awards Gala ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in London’s
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Bence Máté – Nature Photography

Hungarian photographer Bence Máté amazes us with his impressive nature shots, full of life and movement. The much appreciated and awarded artist manages to capture incredibly subtle scenes from the animals' lives, when they are in action or engaged in their

Nicolas Bouvier: Birds Photography

Nicolas Bouvier was born at Grand-Lancy near Geneva, the youngest of three children. He grew up in "a Huguenot milieu, rigorous and enlightened at the same time, intellectually very open, but where the entire emotional aspect of existence was strictly monitored."