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Jacques Vesery 7

Intricate Wood Sculptures By Jacques Vesery

Maine based sculptor Jacques Vesery turns plain ol’ wood into luxurious decorative objects, with a carving skill that we rarely see. Each of his artworks has embedded a piece of Jacques’s spirit, connecting see and sky, reality and fantasy, conscious
Lions Head

Tommy Craggs – Tree Sculpting

Talented British artist Tommy Craggs creates these amazing sculptures using his skills with the chainsaw. All his carvings are made from naturally fallen trees or that need to be felled down. He brings them back to life in his unique way, revealing the true beauty

Gordon Bennett – Robot Works

New York based artist Gordon Bennett gives a totally new meaning to the saying: "another man's trash is another man's treasure". With his talent and skills, Bennett turned a passion into a very successful source of income with his fantastic robot sculptures series.